venerdì, aprile 21, 2006

Advertisng, Elumin8

i-mode Elumin8 ads, something special?

Elumin8 specialises in end to end solutions in large format electroluminescent displays. Thin, flexible, cool burning lighting tailored to your needs, be they: Advertising displays, Architectural lighting schemes, product design, or component lighting systems. “We are using this amazing lighting technology in wide variety of ground breaking applications”.

Sound interesting? Take a look at the Elumin8 homepage. Look good don’t they?
Mercifully Elumin8 also offer downloads of some of their previous work. Check out one of their latest projects for Microsoft, elumin8-microsoft.wmv 990kb. The type of billboard ads Hollywood always promised almost come true.
The Microsoft ad is a 96 sheet poster, so 02’s i-mode ads won’t be as big as the video. Mobile Media’s website more than adequately displays the size of ad O2s got in mind, not on the side of vans though..

O2 have used this Elumin8’s skills before. See this much less impressive video from Elumin8’s website, elumin802.wmv 1632kb.
These ads will show how i-mode can be used to book holidays and breaks, book front row seats at the theatre, find a new job, buy music and DVDs or keep up to date with breaking news.
One thing is for sure, these ads will make an impressive visual impact.

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Nike in Paris

Pubblicità della Nike con il sistema advertising Elumin8....